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Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai Activities in Dubai 2023

We are Dubai’s fantastic desolate tract safari tour operator, having ridden for over 15 years. Our safari tour includes many add-ons like quad biking in the desert safari from Dubai, a dune buggy journey at purple dunes, horse and camel ride. If you are touring Dubai or are a resident of the United Arab Emirates, you should have to go for this tour. It’s an adventurous tour and as correctly as delivers peace of mind. We provide one-of-a-kind safari tours. Try Our best desert safari tour in Dubai.

The few most promoted excursions are morning wilderness safari, night wilderness tours, and a single-day wilderness desert safari dubai


What activities are included in the desert safari tour?

The desert safari Dubai tickets consist of exciting activities to make your day. Our desert safari Dubai ticket price for this outing consists of Dune Bashing “Rough experience in the desert” at purple dunes, Camel Ride, Horse Ride, Sand Boarding, Belly Dance,

Tanoura Dance, Fire Show, Henna tattoos, and a nicely scrumptious BBQ dinner “Vegetarian, Non- Vegetarian and Jain meals on demand.” It additionally consists of welcome drinks,

Tea, espresso, and sweets. You can also book some extra things to do, like self-drive dune buggies, accompanied by using our safari guides and quad bikes.

You can also pick out our variety of dune buggies on the spot. These 4×4 buggies, Raptor, and quad bikes come with computerized gearboxes that make them so convenient to pressure at crimson dunes in the Arabian Desert of Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Quad Bike Tour

Dubai desert safari packages

We’ve been raised with the tales of marvels of the Desert, where the first ray of solar touches the land, turning “The Dust into gold.” The golden treasures of the Dubai wasteland,

which amazingly aren’t even buried, want a quest in the morning mild to be discovered. So what are you ready for; pack your bags e book our super morning wasteland safari tour with us.

Morning Safari Itinerary

First, we’ll select you from somewhere in Dubai & Sharjah in Land Cruisers. Our safari captain will take you to the wasteland for the dune bashing. Be equipped for the challenging experience that will provide you with Goosebumps and convey your misplaced thrill.

It’s an exciting experience, so no longer advocate for the aged & babies as nicely as for humans with lower back problems. Dune bashing is now not allowed for pregnant women.

After 30 to forty-five minutes of the exciting ride, the driver will give up at any excessive dune. So you can take snapshots and experience sandboarding.

If you are searching for a camel trip tour, you can add it to your morning trip. Camel experience in the morning will be for 30 minutes.

If you favor experiencing the quad bike or dune buggy, you can add that to our morning tour.

Morning tour timing is flexible; pick any pickup time from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Tourists go early in the morning to see the sunrise.

We will drop you at your hotel again when you have completed your excitement at The Desert Safari Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Dubai Safaris

Detailed Itinerary of Evening Desert Safari

Our safari captain will pick you up on the day of the tour following the scheduled time. We choose our exceptional friends from the vicinity of their comfort on a 4×4 car to begin the “desert activities in Dubai” adventure.

Safari Captain will take you closer to the marvels Dubai desert. It’s about one hour experience from downtown Dubai. We have put together a good list of wilderness activities, every element of which is deliberate to unfold surprises for you to retake home.

Once you reach the Desert, you get time to relax, and in the meantime, the driver will regulate the tire strain to get equipped for an exciting ride.

You will experience one of the most exciting rides with our skilled and licensed DTCM captain. This is a 30-45 minutes dune bashes experience in the desolate crimson tract that is regarded for its lovely pink dunes.

Please word that it’s an arduous journey, so no longer encouraged for the aged & infants. Pregnant women are no longer allowed to go for the dune bashing.

Camel Safari Ride Dubai 

The Desert Safari Dubai Tours

Detailed Itinerary of Evening Camel Ride

Camel Ride is the spirit of Arabian history. To enrich you with the core journey of the Desert. We have deliberate the camel journey in the Dubai wilderness to discover the massive desolate tract and experience the culture.

Our drivers will pick you up in the afternoon and take you deep into the Dubai desolate tract for the Dubai desert safari tours adventure, where you will begin your thrilling voyage in the sands. Camel Ride Dubai

Resting on the humps of our well-trained camels, experience the beat and warmth as you trip along, unveiling the uneven dunes and the charming landscape very quickly on the wilderness ship.

After the “Camel Ride Dubai Safari” tour, the driver will take you for one extra exciting ride. And then he will drop you at our barren region camp at sunset, the place the hospitality of our personnel waits with the fragrant Gahwa (Arabic Tea) and candy dates.

You can revel in the style of the traditional organized and flavored Sheesha, the strong point of the Arabic place, along with stalls of henna painting. Arabic costumes are handy to put on and take pictures.

The night ends with fantastic performances through the proficient Arabian Belly and Tanura dancers and desert safari dubai with bbq dinner Veg & Non-Veg. With the stop of all memorable experiences, our drivers will drop you again at your doorstep in cozy cars.

Overnight Desert Safari In Dubai


We provide one day out of the busy life into thrills, excitement, fun, dances, style, and serenity in our “Arabian Night Safari.” We sketch our events, attending to details; to make

The best desert safari in Dubai is your dream tour in Dubai. Picking you up from wherever you ask in Dubai, we kick-start with the most exciting dune-bashing experience of the Desert. It will undoubtedly enhance your pleasure and energies for the night to come. desert-bar

After the exciting dune bashing in a 4×4 car, we take you to the camp, the place you can revel in the solar set and maintain your hearts to freeze the moments in your reminiscence always as nothing. However, nature can deliver any higher deal with your eyes.

You can purchase souvenirs from the Arabian shops, costume up and photograph, or get a henna tattoo on your hand to boast about after getting home again.

If you like getting extra sand experience, quad bikes ride, and Camel ride Dubai is necessary. While the stage receives set, we serve our friends a scrumptious mouth-watering Arabian BBQ dinner and different veg & delicious non-veg options.

Please take your seats near the stage to revel in the strikes and swings of our well-known stomach dancer and get significantly amused with the Tanura dancer.

Here is when the actual essence of this exceptional tour comes to life. A starlight experience, with your share of solitude, peace, and serenity, is the X-factor in our “overnight safari.” Relish the clear canvas of the sky with stars shining like diamonds in the alleviation of your sound-asleep baggage and camp.

Nothing more extraordinary is soothing than moments of solitude with the ones you love, unique from the tiring daily routine. In the morning, our workers will serve you a delicious sparkling breakfast. You can revel in each bit before our drivers drop you home again.

Quad Biking Dubai


If you are searching for a journey in the Dubai desert, then a quad biking tour is satisfactory. Join us for quad biking in the Dubai barren region on Red Dunes Safari.

It’s a lifetime journey, and we hope you will not overlook this off-avenue-using tour. On this tour, you can force via the ever-altering dunes of the Desert. Get geared up for the Ride of Your Life.

Dubai Quad Bike Ride or ATV tour is one of the excellent outside times of Dubai. The term evolved from the pickup; our driver will pick you out in Dubai & Sharjah. After pickup, you will cross closer to the Red Dunes.

Once you reach the Desert, Our knowledge will provide a quick briefing concerning the tour and use of Automatic Quad bikes Deal. You would be given the possibility of rushing over purple dunes.

Dune Buggy Safari

Quad Bike Dune Buggy and Jeep Ride Deals

Evening Desert Safari with Dune Buggy Ride

In the night barren region safari tour, our driver will pick you up from your vicinity between 3:00 and 3:30 and take you to the wasteland for dune bashing. After dune bashing, he will give up on any large dune so you can take pictures. After that,

he will take you to the dune buggy camp, where you can journey by your package.


If you plan a day trip to The Desert Safari, do it with style. For dune bashing, we provide the luxurious “Hummer Desert Safari” comparable to curler coaster rides; barring these being on the sand, you will be in an outrageous Hummer.

Our gorgeous drivers skillfully go the automobiles over and around the excessive dunes of the Dubai Desert, pounding your hearts and growing the thrill. The most sensational section of the trip is the sharp turns which ship the sand flying through the automobile windows.

After a fantastic ride, you are now in base camp.

The hummer takes you to the base camp, where the crux of the Arab lifestyle awaits your pleasure. Our personnel welcomes you profoundly with the Gahwa (Arabic Tea) and dates, after which you can smoke a hub lie bubble,

paint your palms with henna, pose with the Arabian costumes and garments, or save round and purchase items from the stores at camp while taking part in the desolate tract safari.

Spiking up your urge for food after your exciting day, the aroma of a tasty dinner organized for you overtake the camp. A buffet dinner is served with the predominant route, “The Arabic BBQ.” Enjoy it to your full as there are masses for everyone,

and then settle down and entertain yourselves with the splendid stomach dancing, Tanura dancing, and beats of the Arabian nights. By the cease of the Desert safari activities, the hummer experience will be ready for you to sit down back and loosen up in its luxury and will drop you returned home.

If you plan a day out to The Desert Safari Dubai, do it with style. For dune bashing, we provide the luxurious Hummer Desert Safari trip comparable to curler coaster rides; without these are on the sand, and you will be in an outrageous Hummer.

Our super drivers skilfully go the automobiles over and around the excessive dunes of the Dubai Desert Safari, pounding your hearts and growing the thrill. The most sensational phase of the trip is the sharp turns which ship the sand flying throughout the auto windows.

Hatta Oman Safari

Hatta Oman tour Dubai

Undoubtedly, Dubai has many hidden sights to offer, so your tour may get quick of travelling them all. So graph your time accurately and pick out the areas that also serve fantastically and all in their beauty. This is what we aspire to and purpose at The Desert Safari; handing over the great to our valued customers.

Hatta Oman Safari is the unique journey we prolong our customers. Visiting the centuries-old village and roaming in the captivating mountains will be an authentic second to cherish your complete life.

First, we select you up in the morning for six hours to travel via the enormous mountains of Hatta and Hajjar. Fancying the sensational view of the valleys and herbal swimming pools,

we attain the well-known Hatta village, famous for its preserved historic beauty. Once reached, you will journey the Mountain bashing ride. Thrilling and engaging as it sounds, the journey will surely provide you with an exciting trip.

We then take you to the Hatta village, where you can store, wander, take images, and amuse yourself with what nature offers. To spice up your visit, we inform you of the heights of the mountains so you can seize the essence of beautiful nature.

Further, we’ll escort you to the herbal swimming pools thru a sandy and rocky ride. Worth the journey. You can have a good time in and out of the herbal collections. Stroll around the attractive surroundings or dive into the groups, summer or winter, as the swimming pools naturally maintain an optimal temperature.

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