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Catch the mesmerizing sight of the early morning rays on the golden dunes in all their glory! For that, head out on a morning desert safari! Experience an early morning desert ride to escape the Dubai rush. Morning is always attractive with its relaxed atmosphere and the sun’s color of desert safaris. There is nothing quite as enchanting as a morning Dune Drive that provides an exciting charm that no other experience can offer while staying in the city. Far from a capsule of multi-story buildings, the desert panorama is unique and majestic.


The beautiful quietness of the desert extends from endless sheets of sand, ready to be trolled. Get out of the city and explore the vast dunes of the Arabian Desert safaris with this exclusive desert safari Dubai. It enables you to enjoy the beauty of the Dubai desert from a different perspective in the first rays of sunlight. Being the perfect time to experience the magnificent desert scenery, a morning safari in Dubai is just as epic and refreshing. Whether a nature lover or an adventurer looking to indulge in an exciting range of desert activities, Morning Desert Safari packages will never disappoint your expectations.

Starting with an early morning pickup from your Dubai location, you’ll be able to experience the fascinating contrasts of the region as you leave behind the breathtaking sights and sounds and drive through empty roads into the desolate but beautiful desert. Make your way through the area. An early private morning desert safari Dubai, just a short drive from Dubai city, takes you to this fantastic place known as virgin beauty. Explore the beauty of the vast desert terrain by driving through deserted roads in a comfortable 4+4 seater vehicle. Drive through uneven terrain and feel the adrenaline rush as the car takes high-speed turns and tears through the sand. Hold on to your seats as you rollercoaster from high dunes to shallow valleys. Admire the unique and magnificent desert flora and fauna before embarking on a 45-minute dune adventure on the mysterious dunes of Dubai in a powered vehicle. See the unparalleled expanse of golden sands stretching in every direction during your exciting 4X4 drive. With plenty of exhilarating and scream-inducing turns, it takes you through shallow and nerve-wracking high dunes, allowing you to experience the beauty of the Morning desert safari in all its glory.

Visiting the Morning Desert Safari Dubai

After an exhilarating and spine-chilling sand adventure, Dunning arrives at a tranquil campsite in the middle of nowhere. At Morning Safari Dubai, Feast your eyes on the vast stretch of sand and experience Bedouin traditions. Take a leisurely camel ride or opt for more adventure sports like sandboarding and quad biking with the help of local expert guides who will not only guide you but fill you in on all kinds of local fun facts. That’s not all; You will also be able to experience authentic Emirati culture and traditions with a visit to our Bedouin-inspired campsite. Thrill seekers can further try adrenaline-rushing activities in quad biking, sand boarding, and desert camel riding with the help of an experienced guide (additional charges apply). So travel with Dubai safaris tours and prepare for thrilling opportunities and unique experiences. Whether a thrill seeker or a nature lover, a morning desert safari Dubai Groupon experience will be rewarding in every possible way. We Travel ensures that your experience with us is one you will cherish forever. Stay safe in the memories! Book your tour at the finest deals like Best Hummer Desert Safari Dubai for 2022 to enjoy the adventure.

A Brief Overview

We have customized packages for all our customers. We prefer to design our packages keeping in mind the customers’ needs. Those who don’t want an overnight desert safari can only go for a sunrise desert safari in Dubai. The only essentials are never to miss the chance to see this magnificent piece of nature’s beauty. Just make sure to visit this hidden gem in Arabia, and we offer you a chance to taste the splendour of the Dubai desert with a completely different view.

Mornings deserts safari are lovely, and the beauty of the desert sunrise view, in particular, cannot be described in words. Once you leave behind the glamorous side of Dubai, you will experience the region’s breathtaking beauty epically and refreshingly. Pickup service will be provided to all visitors, and your journey to the masterpiece of nature will begin. You will immediately realize that this trip will be life-changing as you travel through the empty roads into the desolate yet charming desert.

Many great and exciting outdoor activities are available to all visitors, including dune bashing, a favourite among all. Apart from hitting the dunes, one can enjoy camel riding, quad biking, hot air ballooning, and more. Visiting Bedouin-inspired campsites also teaches you about the beautiful Arabic culture and traditions.

A Tangible Sense of Wilderness

Never miss the chance to experience the desert wilderness of Dubai firsthand. I am sure it will be more than just a memory. You will not only be able to visit such a beautiful place, but you will get to know yourself better away from your everyday life and all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Things to do in Morning Desert Safari

Desert Safari is not short of options to entertain its guests. You will not be bored even for a second during your journey. You will find one of the best and most entertaining things to do here. Here are some of the best things one can do on their best sunrise desert safari Dubai:

●   Quad Biking in Morning Desert Safari

Under the rising sun, soft rays and the cool sand of the previous night give you the best chance to enjoy an exciting quad bike in the desert safari. This is a great option to experience the beauty of the desert while enjoying quad biking. It will be both fun and adventurous at the same time. To get the maximum fun and excitement, try learning quad bike tricks and do it yourself.

●   Early Morning Desert Safari View

Even doing nothing and just standing in the middle of the desert looking at the magnificent and magnificent view of the desert will give you immense joy and happiness. You will have plenty of opportunities to try to capture the beauty of the desert on your camera. But capturing the charm and awe-inspiring beauty of the desert in photographs would be difficult. It’s challenging.

●   Morning Camel Safari

How can you not get a ride on the ship of the desert? One of the highlights of the morning desert safari is the camel trekking for visitors to enjoy the desert ride. Guided rides of the famous desert ships are available to learn how to explore the vast expanse of the desert and why they are used for transportation across deserts.

●  Learn Arabian Culture

It is not justified if you go on a desert safari and come back without exploring the incredible Arabian culture. You can learn Arabic culture and traditions at our exclusive campsite.


  • BBQ Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Expert Guide
  • Pickup & Drop


      One Of our Driver will pickup you up at 7 am or earlier
      07:00 AM
      Going for Dune bushing in Red dune with all the safety. for at least 30 mints
      08:30 AM
      We will stop at the top of a big Dune to let you take as many picture as you want.
      09:00 AM
      AFter 11am we will drop you off at your home or hotel.
      11:00 AM


The Cost Includes

  • A short Camel Ride
  • Sand Boarding
  • Water and soft drinks will be provided
  • Drop back to your hotel or residence
  • Timings Pick up 07:00 AM to 7:30 AM
  • Drop off at 11:30 AM
  • Days of operation: Daily
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Private transport can be organized upon request
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Children above five years will be charged as adults, and less than two years will be free.
  • All Prices are on sharing basis.
  • Pregnant ladies, people with back problems, senior citizens with heart conditions, and children under 03 years are not recommended to join the trip. However, you can go at your responsibilities and risks.
  • For guests who don’t want to join dune bashing, another driver will drop them straight to the camp to enjoy other activities.
  • You can only go for the standard dune bashing, light dune bashing, or desert drive.

The Cost Excludes

  • Quad Bike Ride
  • Falcon Photography
  • Fresh Juice Shop
  • Private Photography
  • Wine & beer


What is unique about a morning desert safari?

Early morning desert safaris are relatively cool before the sun reaches its full strength. Morning safaris are generally considered less popular than evening or overnight safaris and are thus less crowded and better for those looking to avoid the typical safari crowds.

What are the adventures included in Morning Desert Safari Dubai?

Experiences included in the morning desert safari include dune bashing, camel ride, and traditional breakfast. Quad biking and Sandboarding are included as optional experiences, which one can add if wanted.

What to expect on a Dubai Morning Desert Safari?

A morning desert safari will allow one to truly explore the dunes of Arabia in its most serene form. With evening safaris being more of an option, mornings in the desert are relatively empty and less crowded. The weather is also cool and pleasant before the sun reaches its full strength.

What is the most suitable time for morning desert safari in Dubai?

The best time for morning desert safari in Dubai is during winter, generally between November and February. The weather during winter is cool, dry, and pleasant, making it perfect for activities.

What is the pickup time of Morning Desert Safari?

Those going on the morning desert safari will be picked up from their hotels between 8.00 am and 08.30 am

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